Demo - Experimental 174cm (MVP 94)

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The first ski introduced via our new experimental division of skis. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary, simply a great all mountain tool for resort skiing days when it’s not deep powder. Built to carve around the groomer, ski the bumps and off piste skied out terrain. Hike a ridge do a backflip hit rail or a kicker. This ski is ready to take you around the resort. Substantial enough for off piste skiing, nimble enough to lay an edge on corduroy.

What’s different about it and why did we add it to the lineup? First inspired by wanting a twin tip that was a little more all mountain orientated and less “jibby” compared to the +10 PNR that we had been using for this class ski. A full length sidecut and camber, connects you to the snow and gives you the energy to drive into the turn.We toned the tip upturn radius down a little from our standard hard snow carvers, to allow it to push over crud and debris without being deflected. No real rocker but this longer tip and tail rise allows for easy transfers from turn to turn. The 16 meter turn radius is on the smaller and quicker side for a Praxis ski and at 94 mm underfoot this skis is ready to railroad tracks around the resort. Featuring our pure maple and ash heavy hitter core that is strong damp and responsive. This is the ski that you will end up grabbing for most of the days skiing at the resort.


174 cm 129-94-120  16 meter turn radius - Heavy Hitter Core - #4 flex.








174 cm
Turn Radius:
16 M
Heavy Hitter
8 lbs