Most Difficult Custom Build

You know what you want from your skis and we know how to build if for you!  Our most difficult custom order option really opens up the door for you to get creative on your next pair of custom skis.  Take our tried and true lineup of skis and dial it in specifically for your skiing style and preferences.

Generally these options are for those that have worked with Praxis on past builds and really know what and how they want to change up the skis. Select your graphic, core and flex to suite your desires. Additionally you can make one of your favorite models fatter or skinnier with our +/- 10 mm option.  Or change up the molding and give your powder ski a more surfy feel with a full rocker profile.  The options are limitless, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or for advice.

***The black diamond custom build will be the only custom build option available outside of the annual pre order sale.  Currently discounted by 50% for the pre order sale, this will be the only discount of the year on our custom build option.  Don't miss out :)