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Praxis Skis Christmas Sale


Praxis Skis

Gear up for the holidays with these specials offers from the elves at Praxis! Each day for the next 12 days, we will feature a unique offer only valid for that day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to finally get those pairs of skis you’ve been dreaming about all year! 

12 days of Christmas Ski Sale 

DAY 1: $100 OFF the EXP

Valid Dec. 13

Don’t miss out on the EXP, the perfect ski for the backcountry explorer looking for a smaller underfoot- ideal for floating in powder while making quick turns.



Valid Dec. 14

We’re offering you the chance to gear up the groms with 30% OFF all kids ski models- from carving to off-piste, we got ‘em covered!

On the Second Day of Christmas - Praxis Kids Skis Sale!

DAY 3: $100 OFF the Yeti

Valid Dec. 15

Today’s your chance to gear up for those longer expeditions – the Yeti offers a lightweight design with an outstanding edge grip, perfect for icy conditions.

Christmas Ski Sale


Valid Dec. 16

Today only, we offer free shipping all across the board- no matter the destination! US, Canada, Europe- you name it!

 Praxis Skis is offering free shipping around the world!

DAY 5: $100 OFF the SND

Valid Dec. 17

Don’t miss your opportunity to smoke your friends and family on the corduroy with the Slice-N-Dice, our race inspired carving ski.

Praxis Skis Christmas Sale



Valid Dec. 18

Today only, we’re tossing in a FREE sports tube with your purchase, so you can take your new skis on your next flight worry-free! Available while supplies last.

Praxis Skis Christmas Ski Sale


DAY 7: $100 OFF the MVP

Valid Dec. 19

Today’s your chance to treat yourself to our most popular all-mountain ski- the MVP has the perfect shape to do it all and then some.

 All Mountain Ski Sale

DAY 8: FREE Wood Veneer upgrade on Custom Orders

Valid Dec. 20

This VERY special offer allows you to upgrade to wood veneer on ANY custom order free of charge- a $100 value! Don’t sleep on it!

 Free Wood Veneer on Praxis Skis

DAY 9: $100 OFF the Concept

Valid Dec. 21

Feeling sendy? Today we’re offering a deal on the Concept, our innovative Big Mountain ski that allows to cover any terrain and send into the deepest of pow!

Skis for sale this Christmas Holiday


DAY 10: $100 OFF the 9D8

Valid Dec. 22

Don’t miss out on the 9D8- this best-selling all mountain ski features the perfect shape for effortless turns on hard-pack, while remaining stable and predictable at any speed.

$100.00 off All Mountain Skis


DAY 11: $100 OFF the PNR

Valid Dec. 23

Gear up for the park with our special deal on the Park-N-Ride, our most stylish and responsive twin-tip all mountain ski on the lineup!

 Praxis Park Ski Sale

Day 12: We are giving away SWAG!

Valid Dec. 24

Look fly with a FREE T-Shirt with purchase!  And for our loyal customers, be one of first 10 to share your Loyalty Rewards offer on social media and receive a T-shirt as well!  Click the link for directions.Sign up for a free T-Shirt