Lhasa Pow 191 FAT (SOLD OUT)

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Ordering closed on this custom production run of Lhasa Pow FAT's

Lhasa Pow 191 FAT     145 - 117 - 125

Praxis Skis has team up with the OG of cult ski building... founder and head janitor of PM Gear... pioneer... legendary... one and only...  Pat Keane.  And together we are bringing back the Lhasa Pow 191 FAT!  This special edition release of the Lhasa Pow FAT is available on a pre order basis.  Only 30 pair will be available and production will commence mid Oct with delivery early Nov. 

The Lhasa Pow FAT is available in a variety of custom build options. We are offering the Lhasa Pow FAT in either a heavy hitter or enduro core and will include the option to add carbon to the layup. As well as the option to have the graphic (blue aspects only) printed onto a wood veneer top.  Additionally three flex options are available. Soft - Medium - Stiff. 

The Lhasa Pow FAT is not part of the Praxis lineup, it is a PM Gear ski built by Praxis.  Being an OEM ski, it is not part of the Praxis discount and rewards programs.  The following order links will take you to a secure credit card processing system to place your order.  Select the buy now link that corresponds to the core and topsheet option that you desire.  We will contact you to finalize the flex details for your ski as well as the type of veneer.

Flex Options: A unique aspect of the Lhasa Pow that separates it from most Praxis Skis is found in the flex pattern.  The Lhasa Pow FAT has a softer tip and a stiffer tail flex pattern.  We feel this is an important part of the design, and needs to be implemented into this build.  When comparing the Lhasa flex to the Praxis flex options you could say the tip is a 3 and the tail is a 4 flex.   Therefore the flex options will be as follows. Soft = 2 tip/3 tail, medium = 3 tip/4 tail, stiff = 4 tip/5 tail.

The following veneers are available for the custom Lhasa Pow FAT build.  All of the veneers shown are one ski width, so the pair will be book matched, with the exception of the cherry veneer that is wide enough to spread across the pair of skis.  If you click on the veneer image below a larger image showing better detail should open in a new browser tab.