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Touring Skis

Touring Skis


Praxis offers the lightest and most durable touring skis available in the industry- pick up any of our models and you’ll immediately notice how it’s significantly lighter than any other touring ski with similar dimensions. It’s no small wonder how we’ve crafted such skis as these.


It starts with an ultralight Paulownia and carbon fiber core- that alone should already scream “backcountry-quality”! We only use our heavier and harder maple ash hardwoods in the center of the ski for binding reinforcement. Next, we put the same attention and care into its construction compared to our other skis and use the same sidewall torsion box construction method. Lastly, we top our touring skis with a layer of wood veneer (digitally stained with a one-of-a-kind graphic), which adds integrity to the ski’s construction and allows for us to build a lighter-weight ski. This unique combination of ingredients results in the lightest and most durable touring skis available.


We are currently pressing next season's models! Please visit our 'Discount Skis' page and save big on last season's skis.  Limited inventory available.



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