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Handcrafted skis in stock and ready to ship!  Here you will find the standard edition versions of our skis that are pre made and ready to go.  Generally you will find the more popular and best selling ski models here.   We keep very limited inventory in stock and typically only have one or two pair of each size in available.  Check the product pages for more details on what is available in our inventory for each model/size. 

The current standard edition lineup features mostly wood veneer top skis.  This means that each pair is unique and not something that we can replicate or reproduce exactly, once they are sold they are no longer available.   The images on the product pages provide an example of what the skis wood veneer and graphic will look like, but since no wood veneer is exactly the same; no two pair will look exactly the same.  Generally we show the 180’s length ski that is in stock for each model. If you would like to see an exact picture of the wood veneer on the ski/size you are interested in please contact us and we can send that over.

Praxis has developed many ski models over the years and you can find all of them at our custom order section of the website. Not finding the ski you are looking for here?  Don’t worry every model and size is always available for on demand custom production with custom options!  Visit our custom skis page here for more info.

With so many models and options now available we have reduced the number of in stock standard edition skis that we keep on hand and ready to ship. Expect the standard edition skis to be updated and replenished as inventory sells out.  Each new batch will feature a fresh look and possible design evolution.  We strive to progress and continuously update our ski lineup to offer the most current technology and best possible skis.