Posted by Praxis Skis on 16th Mar 2016

Digitally Stained Wood Veneer Art

Digitally Stained Wood Veneer Art

Wood Veneer GPOs

Get ready for our annual custom pre order sale starting March 30th. New for this year we will now be offering the option to have our graphics stained onto a wood veneer top skin. Several species of wood veneers will be available. Each slice of veneer exposes a unique grain offering a one of a kind look that cannot be reproduced. Pair one of these wood veneers with our expansive graphic library and incorporate mother nature into the artwork on your next pair of skis.

These digitally stained wood veneer tops are not only pieces of artwork, they have proven to be durable and functional additions to the skis integrity, offering a lighter and livelier ride. Shave up to 1/2 lb off the weight on a pair of skis by utilizing a wood veneer top skin. Here is a look at some of the skis we recently built with this new custom option.

Wood Veneer Ibex

Left: Sister Theresa; Middle: Powder Eagle; Right: Tabke PrototypeWood Veneer GPO Tabke; Left: Andorra 360 FWT16; Right: Andorra Finish FWT16Wood Veneer Tsunami Powder Boards; Brennan Lagasse, AKWood Veneer; Left: Tsunami Powder Boards; Right: Screaming Bear, Buet Train Station