Custom Skis


Welcome to the custom pre order menu for Praxis Ski Company.  Our ski lineup and ordering options have become rather extensive, so we have developed 3 different levels of custom ordering. The custom order level does not relate to the skier ability level, expert skiers can order from the easiest.

We have tried to simplify the custom order process for those new to our skis and for those that do not need the extra options available in an advanced custom build. With this simplified ordering option we have also slashed the prices of a custom ski build.  Now starting at $499 for the staple skis in our lineup built out with our stock options and limited customization .

Use our custom ski build option to create the perfect custom ski for you personally. Our menu of custom build options allows you to dial in the design of your custom ski to match your skiing style, personal attributes, and preferences.  Are you looking for an ultra light weight but fat powder specific touring ski? We can create that.  Or maybe you want a damp and stiff hard charging resort carver? We can create that. Maybe you'd prefer to keep it simple and simply select a graphic from our extensive library and put that on our standard option build.  Or go all in and adjust the flex, rocker, camber, core ingredients, width, and apply a beautiful wood veneer top. 

Please contact us with any questions or for help or recommendations on the best custom ski and options for you. For more info on our custom order options click here for our how to custom order guide.




easiest-custom-ski-build-button-starting-at-499-2021.jpg custom-ski-build-button-more-difficult-starting-at-649-2021.jpg most-difficult-custom-ski-build-button-starting-at-799-2021.jpg