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The FRD model features a more traditional design with a square, flat tail, full length camber and a slow rise tip. Known for its fast and fluid domination of big-mountain lines, it is versatile enough to devour sustained vertical and the many variable snow conditions you might encounter on long, steep descents, and is also a key player in the resort ski category. While the FRD transitions smoothly from edge to edge, effortlessly initiating carves and responsively exiting turns, it also feels great going straight and fast!

This past season we had the honor of working with ski-film-flight-surf if it’s fun and dangerous he’s probably mastered it guru….. Craig Beck. Craig came to the factory with his knowledge, experience, passion and expertise of skis and skiing to see just what we had going on. After testing several of our ski models the FRD was the one that came out on top. With a couple tweaks to the flex pattern and camber the next generation FRD was born.

Craig Beck’s original hand drawn artwork “Eagle’s Nest” art is featured exclusively on the FRD and only available for a limited time.  Get your pair before they are gone!

The Standard Edition FRD is offered in a #4 flex heavy hitter maple ash core with carbon fiber

Custom Suggestions:

  • The heavy hitter core with carbon fiber that is used for the stock version of the Freeride is great to combo with a wood veneer top.  This will reduce/offset the extra weight of the heavy hitter core and in our opinion for this size ski the combo of heavy hitter core carbon and veneer is the perfect performance build creating a damp, powerful and responsive ski.

  • With its ability to take on a myriad of snow conditions, customizing your FRD with a #3 flex and ultra light core options make it a great backcountry option!

 FRD ski information spec sheet


FRD detail ski specs chart