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Buck’s Powder Slarver, or BPS for short, is a ski with big dimensions and a playful personality. Its powder-friendly shape includes a larger average sidecut radius and fatter overall dimensions than any other ski in the Praxis lineup, along with the perfect combination of rocker and compound camber. You can float and slash in the deep stuff, but the moment you hit the groomer to the bottom, the compound camber kicks in to distribute the skier's weight and power to critical points on the ski's edge and the tip, underfoot, and tail.

The Standard Edition BPS is offered in a #3 flex with our Enduro- maple, ash and aspen core.

Custom Suggestions:

  • The BPS is such a large ski that customizing it with an ultra light core will shave some weight and help save your legs to go until the bell on powder and storm days.

BPS ski information rocker camber profile specs


BPS ski information spec sheet rocker camber tip tail height weight