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FreeRide Skiing (FRS) is a style of skiing performed on natural, un-groomed terrain, without a set course, goals or rules. It evolved throughout the sport's formative early years as a contrary response to the highly regimented style of ski competition prevalent at the time. Snowboarders primarily refer to freeriding as backcountry, sidecountry, or off-piste snowboarding, and sometimes big mountain or extreme riding.

While the term “freeriding” originated in snowboarding, some skiers have adopted it in recent years. For many years, the skiing equivalent of freeriding was known as freeskiing and referred specifically to off-piste skiing. However over the years, especially since the arrival of snowboarding, the term "freeskiing" has come to refer to freestyle skiing. This has left traditional “freeskiers” without a name for their style of skiing, and so some now use the snowboarding term instead. This became somewhat official in 2013, when the “Freeride World Tour” absorbed the “Freeskiing World Tour” into its schedule of competitive events.

The FRS was made just for this type of skiing...

This new model was developed from the custom +10 MVP that Drew Tabke created and used to win the first stop of the FWT last season. If you love Freeride Skiing!  You will love this ski.


The Standard Edition FRS comes with a #4 flex and Enduro - maple, ash and aspen core.

FRS Ski specs and camber rocker image


FRS Ski specs and camber rocker profile