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Is the GPO the best freeride ski in our lineup? It just might be. From an appearance on Warren Miller Films, to gold medals in the Freeride World Tour, the GPO has won a place in the ski industry and in our hearts at Praxis. Surprisingly, its easygoing and playful nature makes the GPO a favorite among our customers and staff, rather than its title as a freeride ski- though Team Rider Drew Tabke and Cast Touring Co-Founder Lars Chickering-Ayers, two of the best skiers in the world, had no problem elevating its freeride reputation.

Its uniquely tapered and rockered tip, lower profile tail, combined with a relatively short turn radius, allows for a variety of skiing styles- imagine having power steering added to your skis! From carving to slarving, from turning to charging, the GPO is ready when you are! So relax, and enjoy the ride.

The standard edition GPO is offered in a #4 flex on the 182, 187, 192 lengths, and a #3 flex on the 155, 165, 175 lengths.


Custom Suggestions:


  • Though the GPO has gained a reputation as a hard charging big mountain ski, it has also become a popular backcountry option in an ultra light (UL) core. Keep the mountain dominating DNA of the GPO with less weight for getting to your favorite backcountry stashes.



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