Frequent Questions

Q: Do we Ship international?  How much do we charge for shipping?

Shipping is available to almost any destination around the World for the following cost per pair:

US 48 $28 Ground shipping.  AK via US Postal $45

Canada $55 Via US Postal

Most international destinations for $99, or $79 per pair if ordered together and shipped in the same box (2-5 pair in a box).  

At checkout you will receive shipping options and pricing.



Q: How do I find the best mount location for my ski binding?

The boot center recommendation is marked by a small indent in the left sidewall of each ski.   This is our general recommendation for the best placement on average.   You may want to consider personal preference and the intended use for the ski in deciding the best mount position.  Feel free to contact us for help deciding the best location for you personally. 



Q: What is your Warranty policy?

First, we try to make only top quality skis that will withstand the abuse of skiing. No one wants down time shipping skis back and forth for warranty.    Our skis have proven tough and very durable but we want to be sure you get the life out of a new pair of skis that you expect and the ski deserves.  We stand behind our production for any problem that might occur due to a manufacturing defect.   The standard warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase, but we stand behind our product and will consider warranty issues past the standard 1 year term.  If a problem arises with the skis please contact us.   




Q: What is the tune that your skis come from the factory with?

The skis come from the factory tuned and ready to ski.  The bases are very flat and have a stone grind finish, cleaned, waxed and ready for snow.   The edges are a 1/1 bevel polished ceramic disk finish.  A minor tip and tail detune has been done on all skis.   You may want to consider adding a wax more specific to your local conditions and small adjustments to the edge bevel, pattern, and detune to dial the skis in to your local snow conditions and preferences.   We recommend that you first ski the skis before making any adjustments to the tune.