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These skis can have a powerful effect on the mountain's terrain features, a phenomenon ski Jedi sometimes take advantage of in pursuing their missions. An experienced ski Jedi can use the Jedi Mind Sticks to implement mind altering freeride skiing to the mountains they encounter. At a mid fat waist width of just under 115 mm, these skis are big enough to float on powder days but still perform well on hardpack and chop. A true one ski quiver that you can carve on groomers, hit a backcountry jump, or float through deep snow. No more need to decide which ski is right for the day.  

Built as a pro model for Jedidiah Kravitz, an evolving and driving force on the Praxis team. The Jedi Mind Sticks have been in the works at Praxis with Jed for several years now. These skis have evolved into the perfect tool for Jed to utilize in his pursuit of the mountains from filming in the backcountry to competing on Freeride World Tours Events.

The Standard Edition Jedi Mind Sticks is offered with an Enduro core and #4 flex.

The Jedi Mind Sticks utilize our new "stage two" rocker profile.  A faster transition from camber to rocker and a quicker rise in the rocker.  This allows us to pinpoint the contact points of camber and sidecut as well as increase the camber and rocker heights of our molding profiles.



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    These are the droids you’re looking for.

    Posted by Campbell on 25th Mar 2024

    Crazy damp, charge-y ride with a grin-inducing amount of pop and pivot. Made spring slush feels like fresh snow, and still searching for a speed limit carving up the groomers. Felt most at home dropping chutes and rocks w 2ft of fresh into beat runouts. I’m in love.