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Northeast  Slopes is a small town non-profit ski resort located in East Corinth, VT.     Noted for being the longest continually operating rope tow in North America. NES was founded in 1936 and this season will be the 80th anniversary for the resort!  Pretty impressive feat considering the ski resort has operated as a non-profit relying on  community members to volunteer and run daily operations.  Skiing seems to be in the culture of the town and many devoted folk have worked very hard throughout the years to keep it that way.  Generations of skiers have learned to ski on these slopes. 




NES was born in a time when skiing was evolving from a long history.  What was once a tool for  transportation and survival in the winter had transitioned to the recreational activity and sport that we see today.    In 1936 the chairlift was not an option and rope tows were being implemented to bring skiers to the tops of ski slopes.     The industry and sport was about to see its first big evolution.   Many of your major ski resort destinations started in this time with a rope tow, quickly upgrading to T-bars, chair lifts, and trams.   Unfortunately the small town community ski hill seemed to disappear with this evolution of skiing.




Small town ski resorts like this have a special place in skiing and I'm happy to see that NES has remained.  Creating a place for the community to gather and enjoy the short days of winter.   A place for everyone to learn the art of skiing.  Today due to the hard work and commitment of a small town in VT you can take a step back in time and experience skiing at a rope tow.   I only wish there were more ski resorts of this stature to experience. 




This year when I was contacted to have Praxis Skis build a special anniversary edition ski for NES, I was honored by the request.   As I myself learned to ski on this rope tow.   Surely my passion and devotion to the sport of skiing was spawned from the experience. Having this ski hill in my community made skiing accessible to me when otherwise skiing would have been a difficult and a limited adventure.   I remember as a kid the excitement of going skiing at NES.   Every weekend we would be there from opening to close and often hiking the snow banks at the end of the day for just  a few more turns.   I'm proud to credit and I give thanks to the rope tow and this community for teaching me to ski. 




To celebrate 80 years of skiing at Northeast Slopes Praxis Skis is offering a special limited edition run of skis.     The NES anniversary graphic was created from an archive of old photos and is available on any of our ski models made with our custom order options.    Each graphic will be numbered and only 80 pair will be available for purchase.   For each pair purchased $80  will be donated back to help support operations at NES.




If you find yourself skiing in Vermont I invite you to step away from the sometimes overwhelming ordeals of the modern day ski resort.   Take a look back and explore the roots of skiing with us at Northeast Slopes.  Lift tickets are only $15, a small price to pay for an unforgettable experience.