Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Special Edition Ski

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This special limited edition custom ski is for SNBC promotional purposes, and is not available to purchase on our website.


Our special edition ski for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. celebrates the two greatest things to come out of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range: quality skiing and quality beer. 


This special limited edition ski is our popular GPO model, with a tip-mid-tail of 140-116-128 and a #4 flex with the Enduro Core, and it features a custom Sierra Nevada graphic.  One of our most popular Big Mountain Skis, the GPO was innovated by Team Rider Drew Tabke and used to win several gold medals at the Freeride World Tour.  Unexpectedly, the GPO is an easygoing, fun ski that's been built to support a wide variety of skiing styles and turn shapes.  It will readily do what you want it to.  Its stylish mosiac-like topsheet and classic Pale Ale base graphics are sure to appeal to the skiing enthusiast and beer enthusiast alike- however, it is likely that you are inevitably both.  Who doesn't love sipping on a cold one after, or even better, during an epic day of skiing?


Based in Chico, California, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. got its name from the beautiful mountain range in which the small town sits at its base.  Like Praxis Skis, its small beginning is rooted in the passion and creativity of an individual who simply wanted to do what he loves.


You can check out these skis in person at the brewery gift shop in Chico, CA or at various events sponsored by SNBC.


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