What do the skier's at Praxis do to get through the summer months when not constructing the best custom skis in the world? With this big blue lake right in our backyard we surf and recently foiling has stepped up the surfing game big time. 
Praxis wants to share the foil experience with you and have teamed up with Lift Foils to stock the best foiling gear available right here at the Praxis factory in Incline Village and also available on the Praxis website. 
Wing, wake, downwind, and efoiling are all great options for our area and we have been exploring this developing sport using the best foils in the world, Lift Foils. 
PURCHASE A COMPLETE FOIL SET UP (FRONT WING, TAIL WING and MAST) and we will send you a coupon code for 50% off your next pair of skis!