GPO JR Custom Ski

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The GPO JR has a more intermediate smaller turn radius, great for those developing skills off piste and in powder. The GPO JR has earned its name for being a perfectly downsized all mountain ski, featuring a gradual tip and tail rocker, mid camber, and a shorter modified sidecut. All of these elements combine into an easy-to-ride ski, translating into a functional and user-friendly ride. The GPO JR is perfect for those just being introduced to the sport of Freeride Skiing, those youngsters who aren’t quite grown up enough for fully fledged big mountain skis, or simply those with smaller builds and prefer something easy to maneuver.

We offer the standard edition GPO JR in a #2 flex with our Enduro - maple, ash and aspen Core.




GPO jr Ski profile and specs with tip and tail rocker and camber info


GPO jr ski shape profile specs