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The Protest continues to be one of our most popular models. A true hybrid powder ski, it has the ability to slash and pivot in the deepest snow, yet still hold an edge on the groomers on the way down to the lift. The Protest features a five dimensions sidecut and recurve molding to add a little camber to the shape, adding the necessary edge to handle firmer conditions.

The Standard Edition Protest is offered in a #3 flex with Enduro; maple, ash and aspen core.

*** New for this year we have implemented our new stage two rocker profile into the Protest.  The rocker line has been adjusted to rise slightly higher and faster giving the ski more pivot and float well better matching the rocker profile to the modified 5 point sidecuts tip and tail tapers.

Custom Suggestions:

  • The Protest being such a fat ski really benefits from the weight savings of a wood veneer top.
  • We've previously offered the Protest with an ultra light core and we strongly recommend the custom UL Protest as a backcountry option because there are deep powder days in the backcountry too!


Protest rocker camber and ski profile information sheet 


Protest Ski image of specs sheet