Yeti Custom Ski

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The Yeti is prepared to take you on those longer expeditions deep into the mysterious mountain ranges of the world. A slimmer sibling to the Backcountry model, the Yeti is an even lighter touring ski with a slight oscillation in the sidecut, offering outstanding edge grip on firm, icy conditions. You can put those long approaches behind on this light weight design and still have the confidence in your skis to perform when you are dropping in.


Yeti ski information rocker camber profile specs



Yeti ski information camber rocker tip tail height weight dimensionsStandard edition Yeti with bamboo veneer and Ibex graphic art yeti-custom-ski-with-ambrosia-maple-veneer-screaming-bear-graphic-art.jpg yeti-wood-veneer-screaming-bear-custom-tails.jpg