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 A Praxis favorite from the beginning, the BC Ski was designed to get you out there. We’ve focused on making the ski as lightweight as possible, without compromising the integrity of the ski itself.

The smooth, slow tip with modest rocker (complimentary to the modified sidecut) makes the ski nimble and maneuverable in soft snow, while the low camber and smaller sidecut allow for smoother turn initiation and quick edge-to-edge transition. Originally designed as a touring ski, the BC has grown in popularity as a lift access ski and is no stranger to the resort.

The Standard Edition BC is offered in a #3 flex in the 190, 185 and 180 lengths and a #2 flex in the 170, 160 and 150 lengths. All lengths (160-190) feature an ultralight core with carbon fiber and a veneer top.

Using a wood veneer top creates a lighter weight ski as the veneer itself acts as a structural composite layer in the build.

The veneer tops are not only unique and beautiful they are also the strongest most durable top materials available in the ski industry. Ski them for 100's of days over many years and you will see how durable our wood veneer tops are.

All lengths have an ambrosia veneer top and the cherry tree art, with the exception of the new stock of 180 and 185 lengths that have the new shred lightly graphic on a birch veneer.




Digital drawing of Backcountry ski shape and camber profile with ski specs listed


BC ski specs profile





The photos below are some examples of past BC builds.  

 backcountry-ski-birds-eye-maple-veneer.jpg backcountry-custom-ski-ash-veneer-reindeer-graphic-art.jpg bc-custom-ski-quilted-beech-veneer-sister-t-graphic-art.jpg