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 Handcrafted Custom Skis


With the growing number of skis in our library we have reclassified our lineup into five distinct "series" of skis to better relate the ski to the skier type and intended purpose.  

Touring Series

The BC, Yeti, and EXP are the three models of our skis that were developed to be lightweight touring skis.  Our touring series skis feature the Ultra Light; maple, ash and paulownia cores with carbon fiber and wood veneer tops.  


D Series

The SND, 9D, 9D8 and FRD make up our "D" Series skis.  Simply put these are modified GS race type skis with a flat tail and longer sidecut and camber length.  These skis want to carve up the mountain, hold an edge and charge.  The stance and sidecut have a more conventional set back, creating a ski that you can drive into, pressure the front of your boot and carve!


MVP Series

Many on the Praxis team would consider these skis the Most Valuable Praxis.  The PNR, MVP 94, Piste Jib, MVP 109 make up the MVP series.  These are the skis that we are grabbing as our go to daily drivers.  From riding park, pipe, and hitting rails.  To carving around the groomers and ripping up the skied out off piste terrain.  These are the our go to skis.  All feature a twin tip, and variations of tip and tail rocker.  With a more new school center stance and sidecut giving you the balance you need to pivot, slash, spin and flip.


Freeride Series

Freeride. Its what we do, its in our blood. Freeride Skiing! Praxis was born on the FWT and continues that focus today.  Our lineup is flooded with skis in this category and we continue to develop more.  The S-K-I, Concept, RX, GPO, Quixote, and FRS make up our Freeride Series.  The Freeride series features a wide range of character in design, all in the 110-120 underfoot range.  Ideal for resort and big mountain off piste and powder skiing.


Powder Series

Powder skiing is what we all crave and these are the best skis for the job.  The Ullr, Protest, Powderboards, and BPS make up our Powder Series.   Generally these are a quiver ski, that you have in addition to your go to daily driver for those deeper days at the resort or in the backcountry.  Once you've experienced a true powder ski you will never go back, a game changer for sure.  The extra float and modified shapes/design make powder skiing fun and easy.